Places to Eat In Barbados

Barbados offers a diverse array of amazing dining experiences, from the traditional Bajan cuisine to international fare. One may experience culinary delights at many of the local eateries, cook shops, sports bars, fast food establishments and fine dining restaurants.

A wide array of restaurants offering international cuisine add to a most delicious dining experience:

Where to Eat

Shrimp ImageLocals and visitors alike may choose from the cosmopolitan flavour of Italian at Luigis or Bellini's, Mexican from Café Sol, Brazilian from Paulo's Churrasco Do Brazil, Japanese or Thai from Fusion, Indian from Apsara, Chinese from Jade Garden and for local culinary excellence, Champers or Brown Sugar and the list goes on.

These are just a sample of the many restaurants, to choose from. It has been said that one could eat at a different restaurant for every day of the year and still not cover the entire selection.

Fish Dish ImageMany local restaurants offer a plethora of sea food dishes ''The Catch of the Day". For authentic Bajan fare such as The Village Buffet and Grill just down from the Airport at Coverley, Martins Bay in the heart of St. John and Oistins on Friday and Saturday nights will afford one a culinary experience one will never forget, both in taste but also for the local karaoke, dancing, music, and friendly atmosphere which abounds.

Sample dishes such as cornmeal Cou-Cou and Flying Fish, Green Banana and Salt-Fish Salad or Bread Fruit Cou-Cou, Pudding and Souse, Macaroni Pie better known as "Pie" and peas and rice and stew.

"Wash down these" with a glass of Mauby or Lemonade and enjoy a slice of sweet bread for desert.

For a lighter snack, fish, cheese or ham cutters in Bajan salt bread are a must, or for the sweet tooth enthusiasts sugar cakes and tamarind balls. Barbados Concierge Services can secure reservations for you where necessary as well as transport you to the restaurant or eatery of your choice. Bon appétit.

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